Stack of books appleWe believe that Your life should be the way You want it.  You should be allowed to be the director of your life.  And we believe that life can be joyful.

So, the goal here at Uncommon Sense Books is to help You step into the director role and empower you to enjoy life.


Step one:  Awareness

Step two:  Practice

In our books you will find what might be called common sense logic, were it not for the fact that it is not all that common.  You will find perspectives that will help you see your life experience in a new way.  They will help you shrug off the limiting beliefs that hold you back from moving through life with joy and ease.  And, you will find a number of reprogramming and liberating exercises.

The books are short, provocative, and concise.  They will not require you to believe in anything but logic.  Interested in trying something new?  Please, dive in…  The first book is already available here.


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