The Devil is in the Structure – NEW BOOK COMING!

Yes!  Soon, very soon, we will be proud to present our second book:  “The Devil is in the Structure:  How Structure Seals the Fate of Individuals, Businesses, and Society” by Barbara Piechocinska.


This new book could be seen as a prelude to our “Choose Joy” book.  The reason is that it goes into detail explaining exactly why it is important for all of us to learn to become more self-empowered, independent, independently thinking, and happier (yes, this is essential) human beings.

This has to do with the transformational times we are living in.  We are currently undergoing a radical transformation in the structure of organisation of and in society.  The hierarchical, authoritarian structures we see in society are on the way out.   Some of them may fall apart (such as the European Union), others might end up blowing up spectacularly (such as our financial system, but let us hope is does not happen), yet others may simply be replaced (such as a number of companies).

Living in these times it may be difficult to realise what is happening.  It is difficult to see because we only have our past to serve as what is normal, real, functional.   And we do not know what is to come.  The change will probably be easier to describe for future historians who look back at these times.

Without really knowing what is to come, how do we prepare for it?

The argument in “The Devil is in the Structure” is that we are moving towards non-authoritarian societies and the best way to organise them will be using the knowledge of the masses.  But for that to work the masses need to be comprised of independent, diverse, and joyously productive individuals.   This is not an opinion, more of a mathematical fact in autonomous organisation models.

So, the best thing you can do to prepare for the future is learn how to become self-empowered, independent, happy and pursue the highest expression of your essence.

More about the book

“The Devil is in the Structure” also shows how the application of a new perspective, namely the perspective that structure creates fate, can be useful in vastly different areas.  It shows examples from biology, psychology, activism, businesses, financial institutions, to socio-economic systems.

It goes into how the architects of any structure, be it a business, an institution, a reading group, or even a treatment for some disease can take advantage of the structure to attain their goals in peaceful and harmonious ways.

GreekTragedyIt also shows how many of our present structures are designed in ways that makes them exactly counter productive.  It is as if we were designing a Greek Tragedy, where each individual is doing their best to solve a problem and yet their efforts are exactly what is creating that very problem.  Such can be the power of a structure.

The book also goes into psychological structures that are formed in us as children.  If we are unaware of these we will keep repeating certain patterns and keep suffering in particular ways and think that this is just who we are.  Understanding our psychological structure is the first step in becoming liberated from the effects the structure exerts on us.


By the way,  there is now a character test available online where you can identify your particular structural make-up.

So, in summary, the book spans a wide range of subjects, but it does so from one particular perspective, that structure is immensely powerful.  By the end of the book the ready should have a grasp of how to apply this perspective to his or her life on a personal or even global scale.